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custom roles?

  • if i add a role in my forums, it just doesn’t display. for example: i have an user called ‘gregory’ with role member. i give him a custom role called ‘muppet’ and it doesn’t display, i still see ‘member’.

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  • How/where are you giving him the custom role?

    bb admin -> users -> edit -> other role -> i type the name of role but it is still the same.

    I don’t have that option. I can edit the titles, which is maybe what you mean? All titles are is a word or two under their name. You can change this. To change the user’s roles (ie. what he can do), you need to pick a new role from User Type.

    yes, it’s ‘edit title’ – i meant that. sorry, i just have polish language and i didn’t remember what was there before translation.

    No problem. Are you using the default theme? That should certainly show a changed user title. Have you checked the database to see if it’s there? You would use phpMyAdmin to look into the usermeta table (look for the ID of that particular user).

    unfortunately it isn’t in my database. look at my screen (edit profile page):


    i found it.

    bb_title Master of puppets

    hmm.. i think i know how it works now. bb_title isn’t just the same as role name. is there any chance to set it that, when bb_title is set, name of role below nick is just replaced by bb_title. ?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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