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Custom profile data and avatar

  • Phew!! After a whole evenings work and a lot of jumping over hurdles trying to fix things, my wordpress and bbpress are working perfectly. Now what i want is to scrap the wordpress author.php page i created for users profiles, and use the bbpress profile. But that means adding i na few extra fields in edit profile, and displaying them in the profile. Can anyone help with this?

    Also can anyone recommend the best avatar plugin that will also work on wordpress comments? Thanks!

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  • For adding custom profile additions, I use Macwise’s Custom Profile Plugin. You have to edit the actual plugin code to get your profile additions you want, but the ‘extra’ ones in it are ‘number of kids’ and you will figure out how to add more and change that one. As well, if they are marked as ‘1’ they are required and ‘0’ means not required.

    As for avatars, you can have your users add their own URL to their avatar using Ardentfrost’s Avatar Plugin but it doesn’t have an interface yet for uploading avatars, just putting in the URL. If most of your users use Gravatar or MyBlogLog, you can try the other Avatar Plugin as it just uses the avatar from those services. There is a new plugin that allows uploading of avatars as well available here

    That should get you going!


    Ah that custom profile addition plugin is *almost* perfect. It works great, I’ve added custom fields, they appear in my profile/edit-profile. The only problem (and its minor) is that I can’t find out how to change the size of the text field for the Bio part. Would like a big scrollable box for that. Also I can’t find what file the profile data is stored in so i can change the appearance. Any clues? An thanks alot!

    It is tapping into the hook to change the bbPress fields, but not the appearance. That is defined somewhere in bbPress and not changed by the plugin. I think that someone else might have to help with that one I am afraid!


    The Custom Profile Plugin link is down, if anyone could post it for me I would really appreciate it.

    In the other thread, I put up my link, but I will put it here as well:


    Thanks! Much appreciated!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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