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  • If you love your website you will do anything to make sure it looks more welcoming

    I have been looking for a custom login for my website, searched everywhere… The only thing i got was the same login style page, with just only a logo changed, you just have to install the plugin and given an option to upload a logo. Then i figured how to make my login page something that i want. I took firebug edited css style.

    I pasted all my custom css-style in a notepad and opened wp-admin.css and inserted the code. It take less than 10mins to do this, If you are looking for a custom login page do not look any further, just take you 5 to 10 mins and customise your login.

    Take note: when you update you WordPress it will overwrite your edition, so for you not to loose you styles, after editing make a copy of wp-admin.css and save it in the same folder, you can do that by Zipping the file, that creates a zipped-copy. If you want to do this here is a bit of steps to help:

    1. before anything just creat a copy of wp-admin.css and rename it, you can rename it wp-admin.css.Tempo, just for incase you mess up everything you can always restore…

    Then OPEN public_html/

    You might loose hope, or your brain might hurt when you look at the code arrangement, trust me its pretty much easier to edit. Anywhere at the end of “}” create a space where you are going to insert your custom css code.
    The code looks something like this:

    1. | dashboard_browser_nag a{color:#fff}#dashboard_browser_nag.browser-insecure a.browse-happy-link,#dashboard_browser_nag.browser-insecure a.update-browser-link{text-shadow:#871b15 0 1px 0}#dashboard_browser_nag a.browse-happy-link,#dashboard_browser_nag a.update-browser-link{text-shadow:#d29a04 0 1px 0}

    At the end of each “}” its the beginning of new style code, so by creating space it will be something like:

    1. | dashboard_browser_nag a{color:#fff}#dashboard_browser_nag.browser-insecure a.browse- happy-link,#dashboard_browser_nag.browser-insecure a.update-browser-link{text-shadow:#871b15 0 1px 0}

    —–>>[[[space here]]] then insert you codes here ( this is just to make you see what you are editing much better)

    2. | #dashboard_browser_nag a.browse-happy-link,#dashboard_browser_nag a.update-browser-link{text-shadow:#d29a04 0 1px 0}

    Your custom css style will overwrite the main css style, it might look a bit weird at first, just hold on.

    2. Open wp-login.php , first make a copy of it just for incase…
    Just after
    1. “

    1. php get_header()

    Now your login should look like any of your pages.

    Then remove this line:

    1. |

    <a href="” title=””>

    Just after
    2. |

    You can now refresh your login page:

    If you love your website you will do anything to make sure it looks more welcoming. I hope this helps, I am new to WordPress, just that i love testing things up.

    Here is an example: []

    Lesego Keikabile
    Have a beautifulDay :-)

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  • Shane Gowland


    Hi Lesego,

    As a general rule, we strongly advise users not to modify core WordPress/bbPress files under any circumstances. There are a whole host of issues you could be causing.

    I recommend taking a look at “Customizing the Login Form -> Make a Custom Login Page




    Shane answer is right you should take a look before any modification.

    Hello Shane, 3 Reasons Why Hacking the WordPress Core is a Very Bad Idea, its a pretty great aticle you shared there, ( actually i smiled when reading ” each time you attack core God kills a kitten”) but some of there reasons dont convience me why i shouldnt customise my site… I thought putting some in andmin css, is the same as changing the color of my website in childtheme but since it seems like a very bad idea I will not argue and look for more reason why I shouldnt do that.

    Innomarkglobal, i aggree that you can make your own custom login page and stay away from the core file as Shane says, but still your custom login doesn’t avoid your visitors from landing on the core login. For example if you click submit button on your custom login without feeling your login details it redirect to …/wp-login.php and it will not pop a message that you have not entered ditails, which i personally think is not a great idea… I am not sure yet if there is a way to make visitor stay in your custom login even if there is a login error, if there is i am sure it will consume time to make it.

    My Personal Advice to this is “Do not edit anything unless you know what you are doing”. And note that you will loss your style every time you upgrade, if you edit core.

    Thanks WordPress.
    Regards Lesego Keikabile
    Beautiful Day :-)

    Take a look around at, this site is just WordPress and bbPress and as far as I can tell nothing in the ‘core’ of either bbPress or WordPress has been hacked.

    It is a pretty good showcase site showing what can be done without killing kittens…

    Hello, Stephen.  Looking at the were things are, accoding to my little experience since i  started using wordpress, I know the is no how wp-login.php page can look this way without editing the core css Because wp-login.php file is not located in a child theme root so its a lil difficult, to call css style from a child theme that will edit the apparence of page that is not in the child theme… Unless The web-owner used a plugin to replace the core, still as i mentioned above it looks the same as other pages because there is no page header, though it was made to suit the site appearance… What if you want to call the header, for those who have a different websites with a header.  Maybe i dont know something does removing a link that you dont want or any code in wp-login.php called hacking core? If it is then there was core hacking on the link you just shared. In i just called the header,  edited css style and removed the links that i didnt like, eg login title and everything became great.

    Haha, I am pretty sure nobody will want to kill kittens… I too wouldnt want to see them dying.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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