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Custom Fields in bbPress Posts

  • bobjgarrett


    I am looking at whether to add an extra bbPress forum to my site but in this I need to force those taking part to add some data in custom fields within each post. Is this possible in bbPress, and how?

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  • newtech1


    Did you figure out how to put custom fields within each topic post? I am trying to do so using the ACF plugin. Thus far I have been able to use ACF to put custom fields when a user logins and goes to dashboard post a topic. BUT I cannot get their answers to display within the frontend.

    Here is the code but (I know it is correct because it will show up if I enter it in the page.php. Just do not know what forum page to insert code.

    echo ‘Anglers: ‘ .get_field( ‘anglers’ );
    echo ‘<br>Catch Date: ‘ .get_field( ‘date’ );
    echo ‘<br>Time of Day: ‘ .get_field( ‘time’ );
    echo ‘<br>Fish Caught: ‘ .get_field( ‘fish_caught’ );
    echo ‘<br>Lake Point MarkerMarker: ‘ .get_field( ‘lake_point_marker’ );
    echo ‘<br>Water Features: ‘ .get_field( ‘water_features’ );
    echo ‘<br>Speed: ‘ .get_field( ‘speed’ );
    echo ‘<br>Fish Depth: ‘ .get_field( ‘fish_depth’ );
    echo ‘<br>Lake Depth: ‘ .get_field( ‘lake_depth’ );
    echo ‘<br>Method Used: ‘ .get_field( ‘method_used’ );
    echo ‘<br>Lures & colors: ‘ .get_field( ‘lure_color’ );



    Sorry, no, I did not manage this and feared trying might break something!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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