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custom fields for posts

  • I need custom fields for posts

    the best would be if i could do

    1. selection of the vendor from selectbox

    2. selection of the product of that vendor from selectbox

    3. some inputbox for adding number (e.g. price)

    And then i need to be able to show topics per that vendor, per products, and show the value of inputbox (price) in posts list (plus some javascript to sort by that column)

    I vander i could probably solve the first two problems with replacing tags feature (so user will select Vendor + product, and it will make 2 tags – vendor product, i just do not know how to solve problem, when there is a space in vendor name or product name (can I use “vendor name” “product name” or hack it so the separator will be coma or semicolon?

    The third point is probably more common need, so i wander, if somone has allready made it


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  • The easiest way to add tags with spaces is to post the topic then add tags one at a time in the top right-hand-corner of the thread (next to the post title), which are not space delimited (must be added one at a time though!).

    No plugins for any of those as far as I know. BBPress is great but perhaps a solution with (currently) more features and plugins like phpBB is for you.

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