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Custom fields for homepage views

  • Hi all

    I just add bbPress to my website running Deadline theme and with small tweaks all looks great! Except homepage – I want main area in the middle of the homepage to look like – showing new, latest and most viewed posts from my 4 forums. How can I do this?

    Pleas note I can not use custom page, but have to add code to the existing homepage. I tried few versions, but didn’t get exactly the same results. All I was able to pull is 4 posts with code: <?php bbp_get_template_part( ‘bbpress/content’, ‘archive-topic’ ); ?>. But that is obviously not what I need. Is there a simple way to get results like on

    I am not coder (obviously), but can do all CSS work without any issue.

    I hope this is not repeated questions, but I tried to find solution and no luck.

    Cheers & Thanks


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  • I forget to mentioned I am using bbPress 2 and WP 3, all updated and running fine.

    I would appreciate help on this topic please :)

    How to get nice looking page with latest threads, topics and reply on the custom homepage. Not on the WP page.

    Where can I find php code that could pull this from bbPrss 2?

    Thank a LOT!

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