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Custom CSS not loading

  • apinnt


    Wordpress 6.4.2
    Theme Bam 1.3.0 (
    bbPress 2.6.9

    I copied the default bbpress.css file from wp-content/plugins/bbpress/template/default/css/
    and installed it in wp-content/themes/bam/css/bbpress.css

    I had to make the css folder as it didn’t exist in the theme. No matter what I do it seems bbPress doesn’t look at that css file.

    The only way I could make it work was to add all the css from the bbpress.css file to the theme css file found at wp-content/themes/bam/style.css – which isn’t what I want because it will break on the next theme update. I did notice the theme uses sass so that could be a conflict?

    Unsure why this won’t work otherwise.

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  • Robin W


    Just retested and that still works on my test site.

    I’ve not used sass, so unsure how it might affect that.

    so 2 things I would try first

    Firstly, see if the changes appear on a computer that has never seen that site before – browsers often keep local copies of files and don’t always spot chnages.

    Secondly try a change you have made in the custom css part of your theme and see if that works.

    If you are at the start of styling the forums, you might want to look at

    bbp style pack

    which has an easy interface to making styling changes, along with a ton of features to make your forum look and work better.

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