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Custom breadcrumb

  • Hello everybody,

    first sorry for my english, i’m a french bbpress user then i don’t speak a very good english.

    I’m trying to custimize the breadcrumb on my forum but i don’t succeed what i’m trying to do.

    By default, the breadcrumb is like this :

    Forum name >> Category name >> Forum name

    What i want is to delete the “Category name” from the bbcrumb. Then i went into file but don’t found the codeline i have to edit. I found the bb_get_forum_bread_crumb() function but don’t know how to do.

    Does someone can help me ?

    In resume, i’m trying to change :

    Forum name >> Category name >> Forum name

    to :

    Forum name >> Forum name

    on forum pages.

    Last question, how to add “topic name” at the end of the bbcrumb on the topics page ?

    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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