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Current recommendation to auto subscribe new users

  • dlpalumbo


    Hi. I’ve got two test forums up. These forums will eventually be used by the Board of our retiree organization to communicate news to members and to facilitate discussion among our various committees.

    I am concerned that a great many of our members are unfamiliar with how a forum works. In particular, I’m not sure they will know to subscribe to a forum to receive emails when a new topic is posted, which, for us, is the primary function of the forum.

    I have found several suggestions on how to accomplish this but, sadly, most are now out of date. I have looked at BuddyPress, but am a bit concerned of the extra overhead the plugin will bring considering we’ve worked hard to decrease load times.

    What is the recommended way to accomplish auto subscription when a new user is added?

    Thanks for helping a clueless newbie.


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