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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Jane@wordpress (who i love) has just written a new blog:

    buddyPress now works with singe installations of WordPress (rather than MU), and has most of the backPress nonsense taken out. It now also fits into your theme automatically, AND can be administered from the WordPress admin panel.

    I don’t know about you, but i think that sovles the 3 most common issues people ask about on this board.

    Given all the hacks that Andy and the buddyPress team had to make to get bbPress1.0 into buddyPress, and given that they’re unlikely to do it again for 1.1 (as the functionality added is already in buddyPress thanks to WP functions), does anyone else feel like they’re wasting their time here?

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  • johnhiler


    I’m not clear on how buddyPress’s progress impacts the bbPress project? I use bbPress for its message boards functionality, and don’t really want all the social functionality of buddyPress. So whether or not they use the latest bbPress doesn’t really affect me.

    From what I understand, bbPress is moving in the same direction as buddyPress – it is becoming a WordPress plugin and will use the same theme as WordPress. So in that sense, buddyPress’ efforts here are a proof-of-concept for bbPress’ path?

    Trying to understand how this development means any of us are wasting our time here!

    I just want someone authorative to tell us what the hell is going on. I don’t care about these community outreach or involvement discussion. Just tell me if BBpress has a future in any form or not. All I want is a open source forum that integrates easily with WordPress.

    I don’t care about the development direction BBpress is going to go. I just want to see movement.

    Matt needs to just ignore the entrenched, political, and vocal community members; make his own decision what is going to happen; and let us know. We’ve wasted months of development time with IRC and forum discussion that go nowhere.

    If BBpress is dead just let me know so I can move on.



    I’m not an authority figure, but I can tell you that bbPress is turning into a WP plugin.

    So bbPress does have a future; steps have been made to do this. Release date is uncertain though.

    Not sure what is going to happen when bbPress turns into a WP plugin in BuddyPress.

    I think BP will adapt to fit this new incarnation of bbPress when it comes out.

    What is uncertain is the people who use bbPress w/o WordPress. Is there going to be a standalone version of bbPress in the future? That’s the question.



    It’s my understanding that the next release (1.1?) will be a standalone version of bbPress with bug fixes and a few feature additions added (email notifications and anonymous posting).

    In the longer term, I believe that bbPress will become solely a WordPress plugin just like BuddyPress. If that’s true, then the only standalone version of bbPress will be the earlier versions, which of course are GPL and anyone is free to download and/or fork!

    Alex Luft



    I hope it will turn out to be just how you say. I’ve been deciding for a while now whether to use bbPress or another forum/board software, and can can finally be sure that bbPress is the way to go.

    I’ve tried out SMF and phpBB and those two are so complicated and un-user-friendly, there’s no comparison.

    I really hope Automattic doesn’t abandon but rather invests its might and power into bbPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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