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css question

  • Nate


    should all of the CSS be modifiable by editing the bbp-twenty ten/css file? the only reason i ask is because after playing (extensively) with the file, it still renders poorly; some elements (link color, font size, tables, forum listing etc) – regardless of how much i edit – remain unchanged.

    i wonder if this is related to the customized theme that i purchased, or if i’m missing the obvious.


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  • Anointed


    It is probably related to the theme you are using and the order in which the css files are called. If you can provide a link to the forum, I can take a quick peek and see the css load priorities.

    It also depends upon whether you are simply using the template files within the plugin, or whether the theme you are using has all the bbPress template files loaded within your theme directory or not.

    The way I did it on my site was to add the function support for bbPress into my custom theme’s functions.php file. I then copied all of the needed template and css files over from bbpress into my theme directory. There were a few other changes needed to do this, but once setup, I am able to edit the css files for bbPress within my theme directory. This means that I don’t have to worry much about upgrading bbPress and loosing any changes I have made.

    Anyhow, a link to the forum would help a lot.



    … a few details on adding function support would be welcomed. :)



    oh, and a bit more info …

    i’m using the template files within the plugin.




    Ok, now I see what is going on.

    The problem is that the bbpress stylesheet is relying upon selectors that are not present in your theme.

    To explain:

    Open up your bbpress.css file and you will notice that there are a lot of rules that start with the following:




    To fix:

    1. backup your stylesheet first, very important just in case something doesn’t go perfectly.

    2. Do a search and remove all instances of #content, #container, and #main from the stylesheet.

    3. Save the stylesheet and upload it, replacing the old one.


    The selectors above do not exist in your custom theme, so the rules are never going to be applied.

    Now this is going to get you 90% to where you want to be. There are still going to be a few areas that you will have to manually adapt to your theme to make it perfect. There could also be rules in your theme’s stylesheet that may override the bbpress.css. In those instances you will either need to modify the rules of either stylesheet, or add in your own theme selectors to bbpress.

    It is not really that big a job as once you remove the rules so much will automatically work for you.

    I hope this helps.

    *I’ve talked to JJ about removing the top level selectors from the css to help make it easier for everyone. The changes ‘may’ make it into the download someday, but that is his decision.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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