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  • I know where the CSS code is for my bbPress site, but what parts are relevant for the following simple adjustments?

    larger font size throughout

    more narrow margins and a wider text area

    taking out tags and other things like that

    maybe even adding a big announcement at the head of my page?

    taking away titles such as “member”

    replacing the text ‘be brief and descriptive’

    many thanks to anyone who can tell me

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  • chrishajer


    I recommend the web developer toolbar add on for Firefox. It will let you change font sizes and colors on the fly temporarily, then, when you’re done, you can make those changes permanent in your style.css.

    Regarding the display of items on your forum, either to add to them or remove from them, I usually search through the files in my template folder for a specific piece of text that’s being displayed. Normally, that shows you right where the template is generating that, and you can either remove it or add to it there. That’s a start.

    thanks. now i understand that’s in all in the templates.



    Yes, please keep your modifications restricted to files in the template folder. If you think you need to modify something outside that folder, it’s probably already possible with a plugin. If it’s not possible with a plugin, you’re getting into modifying the bbPress core, which is a very bad idea for keeping up with new releases.

    I recommend copying all the stock theme files over to a new theme and then modify those files. That way, you can always refer back to the original if you break something, or you can even revert to the stock theme if you really break something.

    Or this more recent explanation:

    Thank you for your help.

    I have set everything right, except I can’t find how to increase the size of three fonts:

    the font used when a person is in the process of typing a post

    and the tiny little font for for “posted # days ago”

    the “send post” font

    I want to make the font large enough for geriatric eyes

    I am comfortable going into all the templates files and fooling around with them. my site, demonstrates the extent of the rough surgery

    I do wish I could keep a sign giving credit to bbPress, but unfortunately I was unable. perhaps there is a nice graphic saying bbPress I can put somewhere? I cannot write the code to put a sign at the bottom saying, “powered by bbPress”

    I would like to cut out the “member” etc. designations given below the name of the poster

    How can I tell how large to make the font and page?? It would seem to depend on the setting of the person’s computer, which is variable. On a Mac, if you hit command+ or command-, everything is enlarged or decreased

    Ah… nevermind

    i only need to know how to increase the posting text size

    i am now using one of the bbpress raw templates



    Do you still need help? I was unclear with your recent message.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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