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Criteria to track and delete spam registrations

  • I’ve got quiet some spam registrations since I didn’t install other anti-spam other than Askimet.

    I now installed a few other anti-spam plugins and it looks like I am not getting spam.

    But I do need to clean up the database and delete all spam.

    I installed Mass Delete Users plugin (very useful) and in order to track spam registrations I checked up the users that had a URL in their profile and most of the URL were spam sites.

    I also found and delete all users with “.ru”.

    Now, is there aany other criteria I could TRACK spam registrations, since the other just have email and names. But how could I judge if a particular user is a spam or a regualr register.

    I’d like to have a clean database to send newsletter only to real users, not spam registers.

    Any advise on that?


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  • johnhiler


    You could check if they left any comments? If you’re integrated with WordPress though, you’ll also want to check if they left comments there too!



    Can you specify what anti-spam plugins you have installed? I am getting a huge amount of spam user registrations.



    I have the same problem. Lots of spam registrations and it is very complicated to delete the users. After every user I deleted I land on the start page. I tried a plugin, but it did not work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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