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Creating Subforums

  • hobeika


    I feel really stupid asking this question, but I can’t figure out how to create a subforum. My website is and I want to create 2 different boards: One for Overtime MMA and one for Overtime Wrestling.

    Most other forum software programs I have seen have the option to create subforums, but I can’t figure out where to add subforums in BBpress. Is there a special plugin I need to download to do so?


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  • chrishajer


    Sorry, your post was marked as spam.

    What version did you install? In, I don’t recall there being an option to make a new forum a child of another forum (i.e. subforum) but if you create the forum (Admin > Manage > Forums), then click [Edit forum order] you can drag and drop, including indenting the forum to make it a subforum.

    In the 1.0 alpha versions there is a drop down list where you create the new forum which says “Forum Parent” and you have the additional option of making a forum a category (no topics can be created in a category, it’s more like a containers for forums [subforums] only.)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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