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Creating groups of users

  • redkite


    I’m using the latest WP and bbPress 2.3.1.

    bbPress seems like it will work for our veterinary organization’s site. The only thing missing is the ability to add a group of users to a forum… We’re using s2Member. For most forums, we have them restricted based on s2Member level and this is working fine. But for a couple of forums, we need to restrict them based on a smaller group of members, not an entire s2Member level.

    For example, we have a Board of Directors s2Member level, and a bbPress forum for this. But in the forum, we only want to include a subset of the BOD members, not *all* of them.

    Is there a way to add individual users to a forum, or to create a group that’s not all-inclusive of an entire role?

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