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Creating a BOT for bbPress/Gamipress

  • kaillarkz


    Hello, I saw Gamipress’ potential to change lots of things regarding gamification of forums, but so far it failed pretty hard to me. Thinking about how to make things work, it ocurred to me that making a BOT as a bridge between bbPress and Gamipress might work as I want, but… I have no idea if it’s actually doable nor how to make one myself.
    I’d like to make a BOT to give moderation over a single topic when a random user transfer X amounts of Gamipress’ currency, is it doable? Easy, maybe?
    I’m just asking this because I plan on learning enough to make one, but if it’s too complex I’ll just drop the idea and look for other solutions.

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  • Barry


    I have zero knowledge of GamiPress…but let’s park that part of the question for a moment 🙂

    Like WordPress itself, bbPress supplies a plethora of hooks that will let you write code that listens for various events—such a new topics being created or replies being added—at which point your code can scan for keywords and interact in various ways. I’m not sure exactly what you’re picturing, but having the bot add replies of its own or perhaps even trigger currency transfers in the context of GamiPress are all possibilities.

    How easy this would be I guess really depends on what sort of tasks you want your bot to perform and what conditions you wish to be met before it performs them, but certainly bbPress/WordPress by themselves provide a nice foundation to build on top of.



    I’m planning on having the Bot grant forum moderation over 1 topic after receiving X amount of GamiPress points from a User.
    The context: it’s an author/writer forum and people might get interested in testing their own skills by submitting texts, that’s where having moderation power over this single topic would come in play; they would control whatever happens inside their “test-post”.




    Well (and I’m admittedly writing this without ever having worked with GamiPress, but I did just take a quick peek at their code) it certainly seems like something you could do.

    The gamipress_award_points_to_user action (a hook that your code can ‘listen’ for) would let you detect the award of points and you could then examine how many points they have etc and, based on that, take a further step such as changing their forum permissions.

    Definitely seems achievable 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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