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Created page using [bbp-forum-index] is not understood as bbpress page

  • najuste


    I just can’t figure it out with the templates noomatter how much I am googling as I am new and can’t get what exactly the problem is. I have followed so many different tutorials, but well, they didn’t lead where I want.

    What I have:
    a website running localy with a child theme of twentyeleven with a sidebar.
    After installing bbpress, the the default forum page ‘sitename/forum’ was well visualized, but the sidebar was empty and the forum did not have full extent.
    I wanted to add text before the forum itself as well as create a new sidebar and so created a new page ‘sitename/forums’ choosing ‘Sidebar Template’, with text and then shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. Also created a new sidebar an registered it. Searching for changes created bbpress.php which is simply my index.php (as I can’t find any php file named template.. just sidebar.php, which is not the one I want.). Also tried to make same php as template adding * Template Name: Forum Template to be able to chose it from dashboard.

    Now I have:
    *default forum page [sitename/forum]- that has a view as I want, till the moment I click on the topic that gets displayed as page per whole extent while also showing the bbpress sidebar = overlapping.
    *created forum page [sitename/forums] that I indeed want to have, that has this overlaping problem, and not displaying the bbpress sidebar instead the usual one.

    Checking with firebug it is clear that on default forum page, articles are presented as forum pieces, but in the created forum page they are simply presented as articles.
    So I suspected I should change smth here instead of the content calling smth different.. <?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>
    However it just looks like nor my created template, nor page bbpress.php is understood as bbpress page.. (as my sidebar is checking that and so it does not appear).

    If someone could direct where/what to read or try out I would really appreaciate,
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Pascal Casier




    Thanks, I checked that page before, that is why I have bbpress.php file.
    Just for the sake of interested I again tried, copied the code from given link instead of using get_template_part, however no difference.
    Constructed page is then visualized as default template, streched in full extent, without any sidebar..

    One more thing:
    I see that the body class assigned to that constructed page is like for a simple post, has tags like
    page, page-id-xx, page-template, page-template-bbress .. while the automatically created forum page has forum-archive, bbpress..
    Does it make sense, should I try to change body class??

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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