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Create topic by email

  • allyson9


    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been struggling to find the right solution for my needs. So many wonderful things out here, such as bbPress, but for me it’s still missing the ability to create a Topic by email.

    I had tried a great listserv plugin called WP Mailster but it doesn’t when it stopped working recently the developer wasn’t responsive. My groups are left in limbo and I need to resolve this asap.

    I’ve just set up bbPress and BuddyPress and a plugin BuddyBoss’s Reply by Email and it’s almost there. The functionality that’s still missing is users being able to create new topics in their own inboxes.

    I have 6 different private groups. Ideally, members will mail the group and can reply to posts via email. All the messages are also archived and viewable through a website, but I don’t want members to have to visit the site in order to post a topic.

    If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!


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