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Create new private Thread for each new User?

  • csstanton


    I have a need for the following to happen:

    1.) New User is created in bbPress

    2.) A Thread is automatically created inside one Forum (Private Forum) that is PRIVATE from all eyes but Admin and that new user

    3.) If a Logged In User who is not Admin accesses the Private Forum, they will only see their own Private Thread. The Admin will be able to see all threads.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of how this is possible?

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  • Robin W


    You can achieve what you want if I have understood by the following

    Install the private groups plugin

    Private groups


    a. Public discussion – just set up a public forum, and all users will be able to access this – no private groups settings needed

    b. Then for the keymaster only forum – do as follows

    1. Go into dashboard>settings>bbp private groups>topic permissions and activate this feature
    2. Create a group in dashboard>settings>bbp private groups>Group 1 (or whichever group you want)
    3. Create a new forum, set it as private (so only logged in users see it) and in the forum groups set group 1 with access

    4. Then click save and when then page refreshes, you will see topic permissions have appeared below the forum groups

    5. Now select Create/Edit OWN topics
    This then means that within that forum, users will only see topics they have created, and be able to reply. The keymaster can then see/reply to these topics. Any topic created by the keymaster will be visible to all users in this forum

    So from the user point of view they get a forum where they can post threads which only you and they see.

    I think this should achieve what you want – and given they can create multiple threads on what looks like to them as their own private forum, maybe is even better as they can create a new thread for a new topic !!



    Nice explanation. Thank you.

    Robin W



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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