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Create link between commentator avatar and bbPress profile page

  • florianbottermann


    I’m working at a WordPress site in which I want to use the bbPress plugin. Now, I want to create a link between the normal WordPress comment function and bbPress. I just want to do one thing. Under my standard WordPress blog entries, the users of my site can post comments. The comments are listed under the respective blog article. Next to each comments there the picture of the user that creates the comment. Now I want to create a link between the picture of the commentator and his bbPress profile page. When someone presses the picture of the commentator, there should be a forwarding to the bbPress profile page of the commentator. Observer of my blog can get a few informations about the commentator by that. Unfortunately I’m not able to create the link.

    This is the code of my functions.php, that describes the comments setup of my normal WordPress commenting system:

    And this is the bbPress php code which creates the user avatar link to the profile page:

    Can somebody tell me the way how I have to modify the WordPress functions.php?

    Even now, many thanks for your Help!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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