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Cool 2.1 features

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  • I’d say the whole new theming system (ability to register new themes via plugins etc), the new visual editor, and the new hooks available.

    It’s hard because there were a lot of great bug fixes in the new release :)




    Do you know whether it’ll be possible to inject other code into Topics and/or Replies which other Custom Post Types allow but not yet bbPress?

    This is like Advertising or Social Media icons.

    As an example, I have the WP Socializer plugin installed for Social Sharing. When questioned about it working, the author replied with:

    “Please note that WP Socializer works in all pages or places where there the <?php the_content(); ?> function is called in the theme.”

    This seems to be the case for any other Social plugin so I’m guessing bbPress post types do not have this included.

    Further, I’m using Simple Ads Manager for injecting advertising space as well as other stuff. Works fine by picking a Custom Post Type and bbPress Topics and Replies show up, except nothing is displayed so I presume these aren’t following Custom Post Type convention, in some way either.

    Any ideas on these things?



    I’m using 2.1 on a release version of a site (yes, I know it’s not recommended), although we haven’t really started bringing in members yet.

    The only issue I am having is that auto-embeded Youtube videos are too wide and go off the edge of the content part of the page.

    My favourite feature is the new table-less layout. I can now use images for stickies and headers that don’t restart on each column.



    Nick, I’m sure the videos are actually controlled by WP.

    Go into settings, then media and simply specify a max width. You should be good then!

    I’m looking to implement BBPress 2.1, can I have a look at anyone’s install to see how it looks?



    I have my max width set to 500 pixels but the videos still post wider on the forums.

    Videos keep to this limit when auto-embeded in Buddypress statuses, just not on the forums.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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