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Cookies of WordPress for BBPress

  • Hello,

    I just managed uploading and installing BBPress in a subdirectory of WordPress. Everything works just fine, and when you sign up on WordPress, you will also be able to log in with that account on BBPress, but there’s one problem:

    When you log in on WordPress, and you go to BBPress, you have to log in again. So, members have to sign in 2 times, on the same account, one time for WordPress and one time on BBPress.

    I’m running WordPress 2.6. In wp-config.php there was no SECRET_KEY. There was an AUTH_KEY and a SECURE_AUTH_KEY, but there was a BB_SECRET_KEY in bb-config.php. So, what should I do in wp-config.php?

    I tried to define SECRET_KEY myself, but that didn’t work. The ‘code’ in SECRET_KEY in wp-config.php is the same as BB_SECRET_KEY in bb-config.php, but it still doesn’t work.

    I hope it’s a little clear what my problem is.



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  • Hmm, I’m pretty stupid, I think. Didn’t even see the sticky, so I’m trying BBPress 1.0 alpha now. Hope that will work.

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