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Converting topics/replies to posts/comments using xml exporter/importer

  • igirisjin


    I want to convert my bbpress forum to wordpress type posts. There are older posts about plugins for this but seems like they are not working now.

    So… I tried exporting the topics and (separately the) replies using the xml exporter. I did a search and replace on the whole file for types [topics] _topics_ and replaced with [post] and _post_
    (well I think they were the replacements as afterwards I tried several others for the replies).

    Anyway, this worked when importing the topics as posts into wordpress – I was very happy with that. Then I though it would be great if I could also get the topic replies converted to post comments. I tried several replacement tags (changing reply to comment, comments …) but the only one to get imported was changing [reply] to [post].
    It imported but did not add as a thread of comments but each one as a new post “RE: Topic title”.

    Is there any way I can use the export/import function to get my topics and replies over to a blog style post with comments?
    Or a way of editing the xml file to import correctly and add the replies as comments to the original post?

    I was almost there but fell at the last fence.

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  • It’s not a solution, but what I did in my ‘bbP Move Topics’ was staying in the same database without exporting but correctly changing the post type and meta data.
    If you are into coding, that might give you a direction. If I find some free hours this year, I might code it myself, but priority is low.

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