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Converting smf forum to bbpress

  • Macmenddotcom


    I have used the phpbb script found here to convert smf has made an SQL dump which all looks ok but when I try to run it in phyadmin on the bbpress database it keeps stopping with duplicate errors either on the ” left for empty fields or on the user themselves anyone know why

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  • Steven Hodson


    I am going through the same process and it isn’t easy and definitely is more than just running a script. I’ll be documenting the whole process when I finally complete the conversion but don’t expect anything for at least a week.

    I posted the scripts I use to github, to migrate FUDforum to BBpress (migratefud2bb), and a simple plugin to 301 redirect old FUDforum links to BBpress

    Steven Hodson


    I have successfully moved a set of SMF 2.0RC1.1 forums to bbPress 1 with a stop off in phpBB3. It’s definitely not something for an inexperienced user to consider but like I said above I’ll be documenting the whole process sometime after this coming week.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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