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  • kylestubbins


    I am a little confused on how and when updates are included in the released versions.

    Specifically, I am working on converting / importing a forum, but have run into errors, such as the sync table not being created. I do a Google search and find this –> which states that the problem has been corrected. Great!

    The problem is, the code shown here –> is not included with bbPress version 2.5.7, which is the latest release as of this writing. Lines 1023 through 1038 do not exist (just as an example as they are only comments… I picked this as it was easy to spot and just for reference).

    In fact, there are a bunch of things that are said to be fixed in the Trac (Thanks, Stephen), but they do not appear to be included with the official release of bbPress.

    Am I missing something?

    (Just a comment, but it would be nice to have version info in the headers of files as I cannot tell which version of converter.php is included with 2.5.7 without doing a diff on them and figuring it out from GIT.)

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