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Controlling bbPress Users With WordPress' User Database

  • I’m thinking I’m pretty happy that I found bbPress. I’d appreciate someone chiming in on the following use case for bbPress. Is the following possible?

    I’d like to completely prevent a user from registering in bbPress. I want the WordPress User database to control roles and capabilities inside bbPress. In fact, I don’t want users to be able to register in WordPress either. No, it won’t be any empty forum (hampers discussion) because all of the users will be added and updated via an integration between an external customer system and the WordPress user database.

    Here’s the perfect scenario for our client.

    In the external customer system a subset of customers, lets say 10 of them get a role and custom capability called “Review Committee”. The integration between the customer system and WordPress User database insures the 10 customers on the committee are in the WP User database with the “Review Committee” capability. In bbPress, we’d like the Review Committee to have a private discussion space/thread (sorry, I’m not familiar with the correct bbPress term), controlled by the user capability the 10 individuals have where only the 10 of them with the “Review Committee” capability can participate in their discussion, share documents, etc. For our client, subsets of their customer base like the “Review Committee” example outlined above will come and go but all will need a private space in bbPress to conduct their business.

    So, will this work?

    Your thoughts are very much appreciated!


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