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Conflict with Ultimate Member?

  • joshgb93



    I’m having some issues between bbpress and Ultimate Member plugin.
    Ultimate Member has a feature that lets us add custom permissions on the menu’s links, allowing X user role to see Y links on the menu. It always works well, except when I’m on the forums root (, where all logged-in users see the website menu as group X, no matter their current role. If they go on a specific forum or topic, the issue goes away and the menu gets back to normal.

    See the images for an example:

    On the forums root (Not OK)
    On forums root

    Elsewhere on the forums (OK)
    Elsewhere on the forums (menu is normal)

    I’ve also contacted Ultimate Member’s support team about this, I just did a plugin and theme conflict test, it doesn’t seem like it’s my theme nor any other plugins than UM and bbpress. I’m waiting for their answer now but I was wondering if you could find anything that would cause this.

    I’m using bbpress 2.6-alpha, I just updated in hopes it would fix things but it doesn’t change anything. WordPress 4.5.3

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  • joshgb93


    Update: Still didn’t find a way to fix this…
    However, I noticed that the menu is okay on mobile. Also, if I’m using another page and adding the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode to it instead of the default forums root page, it’s okay as well.



    Second update:
    After spending hours trying to find what exactly is the problem and what is causing it, things are getting a bit clearer.

    Actually, the bug is that we always see the menu as the role of the last user who posted something on the forums.
    For example, if user with role X posts a message, then all the users who log in after that will see the menu as if they had role X.
    If a user with role Y posts after that, then everybody will see the menu as a role Y.
    So it changes depending on the last user who posted. I’m completely lost as to why it does that though.

    And I don’t get why it works normally on mobile.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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