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Conflict w/ Timely calendar and NuCaptcha?

  • charley777


    I’ve installed bbpress plugin but it seems to be conflicting with at least 2 other plugins mentioned. They work fine with each other, but not with bbpress. The symptom is I’m not able to see most of my admin pages. I can get to the control panel but all links go to a blank screen. (I have to deactivate all plugins via server control panel).
    If I deactivate all other plugins I can at least see the setup for BBpress, haven’t done that yet because I need the other plugins, specifically the calendar.
    I’m using WP 4.4.1 and 2010 theme (same problem in 2014). BBpress is 2.5.8.
    My site is
    I’m very much a novice at coding so help will have to be very specific if I need to edit any files.
    Thanks for any help!

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  • Hi,
    There seems to be a known conflict because of the Calendar that loads JavaScript in a strange way.
    It could work if you deactivate Timely and bbPress, then first switch on Timely, after that switch on bbPress

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