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Conflict between bbPress and UAM? – Content of topic not showing

  • j01anda


    I’m hoping someone can help me.

    I have installed bbPress on a wordpress-website where there are several usergroups. All groups have their own forum, and there is an overall forum. The problem is that when a user has made a new topic on a forum, only the title shows, not the content. The content is there though. If you edit the topic (as user) you can see and edit the title ánd the content. But no user can see it in the normal way. All replies are visible, but not the original content of the topic. Only if logged in as admin you can see the first content of the topic.

    WordPress version 3.5.2
    bbPress version 2.2.4
    theme Twenty Twelve Child

    I think it is a conflict with User Access Manager 1.2.2 (which I use for making the usergroups) but I have read about people having the same issue with bbPress in combination with other user acces manager plugins. Unfortunately I cannot find a solution 😉

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  • I suggest you update WordPress to 3.6.1 and bbPress 2.4.1 first and you would need to find out from the UAM plugin author if it supports the ‘Dynamic Roles’ for users that is implemented in bbPress.

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