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Configure shared database, kills admin account bbpress

  • I know this topic has been touched on elsewhere but I have found, after an hour of reading this site, that there is no definitive answer and without one I’m going to pull hair out… and i don’t have much left to do that with, so here goes..

    wpmu installed fine

    buddypress installed fine

    bbpress installed fine

    opted to make change in role map and share membership database in admin panel

    did that…

    when i did, as the page said,

    “you might be logged out”

    I was… but I was not only logged out, the admin account no longer exists

    so I can’t get back into the thing to change anything,

    I have downloaded, installed and followed the directions of the lost keymaster plugin to no avail

    i now have a nice forum software package staring at me and no way to get into it, and membership

    is not being shared

    i need some form of serious, helpful guidance this is supposed to be working today

    thank you in advance

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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