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Computers are so wierd,, can you help?

  • damonwhitsell


    Hi ya’ll I had something so weird happen that I need help. Using simplescripts,, I installed bbpress on my blog @

    This is what happens when I try to log in,,, it does not login and it adds my address to the URL. Like this

    I don’t know how the hell that happened. I did get to login once and just browsed around. I don’t think I changed anything that should have made it add my address. Which I have no idea how that happened as I only entered my address when I first signed up for my hosting account.

    I was just testing the install at this site,,, I am starting a wpMU/buddypress/bbpress site and I have a developer that is going to do the installs for me. When I asked about the bbpress install he said,,,,,

    “If you don’t mind, please don’t install bbpress, as it’s a bit hard to configure properly; i had one install that required 1 full day of php-in to make the compatibility and integration, as the two versions were not fully compatible.”

    He quoted me a price for the wpMU/buddypress install and I told him I was going to do the bbpress install myself,,,,,, because I had read in this forum and in other places that as soon as WP2.8 come out that the install/integration should be pretty seamless. Plus I had found simple scripts and thought,,, why should I pay him if I can auto-install and it go smooth,,, well as you see it did not.

    I have seen several videos that show more than one way to do a manual install,, It seems the install goes easily for some and not for others.

    SO should the install/integration go smooth now that I am running WP2.8?

    AND does the integration plugin that I seen around here work well?

    I know this info is around here somewhere to be found,,, if I dig again. I am just stressed from over a weeks research,, and suffering from information overload,,,can ya’ll help?

    Any information would to help me get this installed would be great,, AND if anyone could explain to me how the heck it adds my address to the url,,, I would really appreciate that,,, cause either I am NUTZZZZZ,,, or my computer is possessed. LOL

    Thanks ya’ll, damon

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