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Completely remove tags?

  • I want to get rid of Hot Tags. Im not just talking about the menu on the left, but completely remove it.


    -Hot tags menu

    -Listed tags in topics

    -Tag box in reply-form

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    I now have 100 members on my forum, and nobody uses it, and its just ugly.

    Is tags a widget, or is it so hard coded into wordpress that I have to edit loads of files to get it away?

    Should I bother removing this now, or will this be easier with an updated bbpress, thats perhaps coming sooner than I happen to know?

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  • Tags is part of the bbPress core, so you can’t just turn them off by deactivating a plugin.

    There are two ways to do it that I’m aware of:

    1) Remove the tag code from your templates:

    Tags only appears in a few places in your templates though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remove!

    Tag code appears in the following template files:






    There are descriptions of each template file here:

    2) Hide the tag fields in your stylesheet:

    Good luck!

    thanks. Let me try it.

    To be more specific. I use Kakumei theme, so what files include tag codes?

    I know post-form.php, front-page.php probably has them. But which others?

    Is it safe for me to just delete those lines from these files? Or should I do something else?

    It’s probably easiest if you add this CSS to your style.css file:

    work like charm

    i added this to style.CSS

    /* Tags

    ========================= */

    #front-page #discussions {margin-left:inherit;width:inherit;}


    That entire code` should I find those #codes in the stylesheet and plase the // infront of?

    Are you saying that I dont need to delete anything from the php files if I use this code. I just let everything be, and place that in the CSS?

    I tried putting it in Firebug, and nothing happened.

    What if I remove the following files:




    And I remove the tag input in post-form.php?

    Damn damn damn. That CSS code worked like a charm. Had to try two times before it worked, place it in the beginning of Structure in the CSS.

    Everything is gone!!! Great!

    They are just hidden to show up. However they are taking up some of the resources. If at a later date, you need to do some optimizations, then remove them from the template (theme) files

    Do you have a recepie for that.

    Now it takes 0.19 seconds to load the forum.

    In your front-page.php

    <div id="hottags" role="main">
    <h2><?php _e('Hot Tags'); ?></h2>
    <p class="frontpageheatmap"><?php bb_tag_heat_map(); ?></p>

    bb_tag_heat_map() is what you want to avoid.

    A function call means some processing, involving database queries etc. You surely wants to remove all the unused stuff for top notch performance :)



    Sorry for the large bump, but I have an issue that needs to be resolved. We also would like the tagging system to be removed. Recently users have been adding in profane, disgusting terms into the tags on threads and its harming our community. A few users have left the community…

    So I guess since tags are tied with the coding there is no on-off switch. We cannot delete tags, as it gives us “this tag cannot be deleted” error. We recently upgraded to the latest version.

    But “fix” that I found doesn’t fix the problem. It wont help in deleting the tags.

    I noticed in this thread that it calls for editing the CSS of the main default CSS. Well the admin uses a custom CSS. Another issue is, well as he put it to me over email:

    “Im not removing php files since that’ll cause problem from index when it’ll try to communicate with deleted files.”

    We’re all frustrated with the topic tags. Really, there should be an on-off switch. They don’t get used at all. And they are only being used by the trolls in our community.

    So is there any other solution to having these tags removed, or at least having users not be able to add tags to threads.

    I was able to remove the hot tags by deleting the contents of the bb_term_taxonomy database table. Make sure you know what you are doing here as you can cause damage to the database if not done properly.



    Sorry if I reopen this discussion. But I search for it and this topic is no more update.

    I write this to update someone that need to disable tags on bbpress

    In the new bbpress version 2.5.12 you can disable tags by this filter

    add_filter( ‘bbp_allow_topic_tags’, ‘__return_false’ );

    You can put this on functions.php file in your theme.

    P.s: this filter disable both, input and html in every forum/topic (newest and older)

    I hope somenone needs.



    I am not able to remove hot tag.. I hope this will help me..

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