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Compatibilty with weglot plugin

  • chussman


    Hi there,

    Im using Weglot to translate my website. I have 12 forums. A forum for each language.

    I have a serious problem, if I am viewing, for example, my website in Spanish, and I publish a new topic or respond to an open topic, my website loses the current language when I hit the send button.

    I have spoken to Weglot technical support and they tell me this:

    It seems that I’m not able to reach the form action that redirects to the URL with /forums/topic/title_id
    There’s always a 302 redirection to the next URL and I’m not able to counter that.
    I think this setup is made her >
    However, I’m not able to add a condition regarding the current language.
    Can you maybe contact BBPress support asking them how can we add a condition regarding the current language or the current URL?

    How can i fix this? Is very urgent!

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  • Robin W


    there are filters for topics and replies

    bbpress 2.6.6\includes\topics\functions.php lines 389 and 705

    $redirect_url = apply_filters( 'bbp_new_topic_redirect_to', $redirect_url, $redirect_to, $topic_id );
    $topic_url = apply_filters( 'bbp_edit_topic_redirect_to', $topic_url, $view_all, $redirect_to );

    bbpress 2.6.6\includes\replies\functions.php lines 473 and 768

    $reply_url = apply_filters( 'bbp_new_reply_redirect_to', $reply_url, $redirect_to, $reply_id );
    $reply_url = apply_filters( 'bbp_edit_reply_redirect_to', $reply_url, $redirect_to );

    which Weglot can apply query args to

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