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Compatibility between bbPress and Polylang

  • JoanBotella


    Hi everyone.

    I’m developing a web site with multilingual support, using WordPress 3.4.2 and the Polylang plugin 0.9.4 . I’d love to add a forum to the site, so I downloaded, installed and activated bbPress 2.1.2 .

    The first problem was that bbPress didn’t switch from one language to another, always keeping the default WordPress language. I solved this calling again bbpress()->load_textdomain() before loading the header template:

    function cbp_bbPressTranslate(){

    This worked great, but soon other problem appeared. If topics and replies doesn’t have translations, they doesn’t show up. I can add translation posts for they from the admin panel, but of course my users can’t. I’ve isolated the problem to the Polylang plugin: switching back to Twenty Eleven theme and deactivating all plugins but Polylang didn’t do anything. Deactivating Polylang showed the topics again.

    I’ve tried other multilingual plugins like xili-language, which works great with bbPress, but lacks of customizing menus panel, wich I need on my site.

    Anyone can help me? Encouraging words will be welcomed too! 😀

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