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Community self-moderation

  • gonnapostthisk


    This is probably more suited to a plug in, but since I don’t know PHP I make-a this topic. Maybe somebody has already made this?

    To take the load off moderators it would be cool if:

    Like comment systems, posts that can be liked and disliked and after a certain threshold of no-likeyness the post could become less visible.

    Secondly, branching discussions:

    As well as like/dislike, a post can be flagged as ‘off topic’.

    After a certain amount of flags a note appears below the post stating something like “Users have decided this post is straying off topic, if you would like to continue this line of discussion please click here to start a new topic”.

    Once someone starts a new topic the note changes to one saying this post lead to a new discussion, with a link to it. It would appear as a new topic, though a link back to the original thread would probably be unnecessary.

    Ya dig?

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