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Comments in WordPress

  • I was wondering if this forum would be capable of housing the comments of my wordpress blog inside the forums. Maybe through some sort of plugin or maybe just an option in bbpress itself.

    Anything info would be great.

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  • i would guess that we need to:

    1: Add a little code snippit inside of wp-post.php that creates a new forum SOMEHOW identified by the post ID.

    2: in your wp-single.php include that forum instead of your comments.

    3: SOmehow replicate/redirect comments/forum for RSS reasons and other ones that i do not understand! :) sloppy i know!


    Great idea !!

    It would be great to have a system that allow WP comments to be handled by bbpress in way that would be transparent (for example the number of comment been displayed under the WP post) and even (let’s dream) the x first comments available under the WP post (like it’s the case currently), with a link “read more.. ” directing to the whole number of comments in bbpress.

    I don’t know if this is realistic but such a system associating a blog script and a forum script would be really fantastic (currently blog handling of comment is really poor from a user point of view).





    Agreed, this would be a great idea. What a great way to combine a blogging community and forum users into one discussion.

    I dont have time right now but in a couple of weeks I will poke around with this, incase nobody else has.

    what would be nice to is to be able to add BB tags in your wp post page.

    Hey, I was checking out this board so I could suggest this very idea.

    I have some easy style postings on my blog with over 100 comments… that makes for one very long page.

    I would love to see a feature that takes WP postings up to the <! –more–> tag and automatically generates a BBpress posting that is tied into the blog comment system.

    There is a plug in that posts entries from your WP blog into your bbpress bulletin board.

    I think this will be what some people want in there forums.

    This is a great plugin… but, I don’t want every post to go to bbpress. It would be really cool to have a checkbox, that would only send it to bbpress if it was checked. Anyone care to tackle that?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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