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comments gone in wordpress blog after installation

  • Hi,

    I installed bbpress yesterday. I followed the installation guide and the forum was successfully installed. I have a seperate database for my bbpress.

    I have not integrated our wordpress blog to the bbpress forum. I also did not changed our wordpress settings like “users must be registered to login or comment”.

    Today, I just noticed that the comments on our wordpress blog are gone. You can see them in the wordpress dashboard but when you visit the post for example here:

    It says it has “3 comments” but you can’t see the comments or comment box.

    I removed the bbpress, but it didnt bring my comments back. Can anyone help? Thanks

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  • Never mind. I fixed it myself. I checked my comments.php (on your themes wp-content/themes/your selected theme/ folder) and to my surprise it was empty!.. So what i did is open the original comments.php from my back-ups. And copy all the contents and paste it to the empty comment.php. That’s it, all comments are there now.

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