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Comments appearing outside of forum. Not inline

  • Alright guys,

    I have been dealing with 2 issues the last 5 hours and can’t seem to find the answers on any forums.

    #1. Each time I have more than 1 reply or post on a page the posts seem to be not lining up. I’m not sure if this is a issue with the styles or what.. i’m at aloss.


    There 404 not found isn’t a part of the problem. Thats on the other screen.

    #2 Which I don’t really mind there’s ways around it.

    When it says “you must be logged in to blah blah” I want to put a link to the login page where it says logged in.

    Thanks guys and I hope to hear from ya soon.

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  • Anointed


    It is really almost impossible to troubleshoot via a jpg. An actual link to the problem page at the very least provides us the ability to peek around and see if we can find anything obvious.

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