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comment quicktags 4 bbpress plugin

  • I adapted the

    WordPress plugin Comment Quicktags + by Dan Cameron so you can add a quicktags toolbar over textarea for inserting or editing posts in the various bbPress pages.

    Te plugin already support the IMG tag to include images inside a topic. To make this tag works you need to install another plugin to support the img tag.

    The plugin page with info, instruction and download link is

    here, happy discussions :)

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  • Aaron


    I had been hopeing someone would do this. Works great.




    err, change that.

    It installs great, and the buttons click. But thats it. It isnt updating the code, inserting images, links, etc. On images and links it does bring up the window to enter the address / location but nothing is inserted into the post.

    I checked the header and the javascript is loaded, and in the correct location.


    You right… 3 days ago i tested it and waswworking then i was not home and i think i uploaded the working version.. but looks like i had put a wrong one. Tomorrow if i will be able i will try to check it… sorry for the problem.

    Where did this go!?

    I got back from hospital today… a couple of day and it will be ready and available i hope.

    O my. Hope you are all right!

    I was going to start writting the plugin myself but I quickly found that it was a lot more complex then I thought it would be at first. This is going to be a big help to me and I thank you for your work.



    Any progress update on this?

    Yeah, any word on this being “Updated”, or..? Just was curious.. ;) :)


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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