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Combine WordPress Comments and BBpress Posts

  • Superlod


    Hi everyone, I´m new at BBPress and I´m searching por a very particualar plugin, if it exists. I already have a wordpress site which have their own wordpress comments. Now we are implementing BBPress and I´d like to combine those WordPress comments with the BBPress Posts.

    My site is a gaming news site and I want a plugin whicn converts each new, each article and each feature into a Topic in the forum, automatically. In addition, I want that each WordPress comment appears as a post in the topic in the forum adn each BBPress comment appears as a comment in the WordPress article.

    Thanks for your help.

    PS: I´m sorry if I have grammar mistakes. English is not my mother language.

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  • This can NOT be done at this stage with bbPress.

    Comments are just that and bbPress uses custom post types (CPT) and we do not have comments enabled for these custom post types.

    What we are working on though is replacing WordPress comments with bbPress topics.

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