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Color my forums

  • yguvvala



    I have been trying to get this done but i am really lost. I want my forums here ( to get color, I want odd posts to be green in color and even pots to be yellow in color and I want header which says Forums/Discussions to be red which file i need to change and what to change.

    I edited bbpress.css file but no changes are reflected on the page. I am not sure who to do this please help.

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  • Tecca


    In your bbpress.css file, change the background of each of these:

    .entry-title {
    background: red;
    #bbpress-forums div.odd,
    #bbpress-forums ul.odd {
    background: yellow;
    #bbpress-forums div.even,
    #bbpress-forums ul.even {
    background: green;

    Just change those color names to hex codes to make them look a bit better.



    Hi Tecca,

    That didnt work. changing this codes doesnt reflect any changes on my forums page. in my Godaddy account i am changing this under

    webroot / wp-content / plugins / bbpress / templates / default / css / bbpress.css

    if you think am editing wrong file please let me know.



    It’s possible that your theme has a bbpress.css file which is overriding whatever you’re putting in the default file. Regardless, you should be editing the file that’s in your theme’s directory, which would look similar to:

    webroot / wp-content / themes / yourtheme / css / bbpress.css

    If the file isn’t in there or you don’t have that folder in your theme, copy and paste the file over.

    Also make sure you’re hard refreshing your browser to clear its cache, after making your changes (hold CTRL then press f5 on your keyboard, or press the browser’s refresh button a couple of times).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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