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Code in forum broke my reply order

  • jem3299


    I had a member post a snippet or two of php in a couple of replies without closing the tag. The order of the replies are now messed up. Sometimes a reply will post up before the last one. Sometimes it will go to the top. On some topics they seem to be fine.

    I have deleted all of the entries that had code in them. I have run the repair tools several times.

    I have even installed the “Sort topic replies” plugin. The sorting does not appear to be working with that, however the option to always have the main topic post at the top does work and does make it a bit better.

    I’m using the latest version and the link is but most of this is happening in the private member forums. The public forum only has a few and I don’t see it happening on those.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this?

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