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Code backtick bug

  • If I post code with the <code> tag it works fine, but if I use the backticks, ” ` “, it munges the code like this:

    <pre><code> [garbage] </code></pre>

    Oddly, if I go in and edit a post having used the “code” tag, it changes them to backticks.


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  • What do you mean? Backticks wraps text in bothpre and code tags?

    Not sure of the effects of code in standard XHTML, could be styled pretty easily … but perhaps it’s just easiest to use both pre and code?

    What I mean is, when I wrap text in backticks, it actually converts it to <pre><code> and removes the contents, replacing it with a random character, like an “n” or whatever.

    I want to be able to just use backticks for code, but I can’t. That’s the problem.

    Edit: Here’s an example. I created a post that looks like this (swapping a backtick for “[backtick]” so it won’t get eaten:


    What it spit out is this (swapping parens for brackets so it wont get eaten):


    (/code) `

    I still have this problem. Anyone?

    You have the allow images plugin installed, don’t you?

    If my guess is right, turning it off will make backticks work again. But that may not be worth it to you.

    Try my plugin:

    It supports Image <img>, YouTube and Google Video embedding.

    Fel -yup, that was apparently the problem

    Livi- and that plugin works without borking code. Thanks!

    livibetter link is dead :(



    It’s archived here:

    That’s actually a fairly decent plugin, too bad it’s not in the extend section.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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