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Closing Forums For New Topics

  • Hello,

    The title says it all really. Is there an option to do this? I couldn’t find one. Sometimes it’s useful to limit who can post to what.

    This is what I did, I don’t know if it’s right:

    1. added a column ‘closedforpost’ to the bb_forums column

    2. updated bb-includestemplate-functions.php:86: with the code

    function post_form( $h2 = '' ) {

    global $bb_current_user, $bb, $page, $topic, $forum;

    if($forum->closedforpost==1) return;

    3. updated bb-includestemplate-functions.php:756:

    function new_topic( $text = false ) {

    global $bb_current_user, $bb, $page, $topic, $forum;

    if($forum->closedforpost==1) return;

    While I was there, it seemed wrong to put in big writing [Closed] before every topic and forum that was flagged as closed when all I wanted to do was lock it, but there was no nice code to do this so I resorted to simply changing the closed_title() function to simply not show anything! I guess this is a suggestion rather than a plea for help.


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  • In future versions of bbPress, you will be able to do this with a short plugin.

    As for the [Closed] issue, you can solve that be removing the filter and adding your own (or using custom templates).

    remove_filter('topic_title', 'closed_title', 30);

    Thanks, I’ve done most of it now and my forum is working. The site is just going up (i.e. not ready), but the forum skin can be seen at

    The software is most excellent :)

    I think it’s a bug with your style sheet, but if you visit you might notice the hot tags go past the main window bottom. This is because the hot tags are a float and so have no content. It either needs a clear:both or a overflow:hidden at the end of the floated tags.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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