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Closed + Sticky topic not displaying on forum view

  • Hi there,

    I’ve just set up bbPress as a support forum using the support forum plugin. So far so good. I have a problem though, (not major because of sticky posts) I created a forum called README where I intend to post hints, faqs and the usual spiel you get on the top sticky in most forums.

    I created a topic and a post in this readme forum and then closed the topic and made it sticky. It seems that because it’s closed it won’t show up when I’m on the forum view (forum.php). Is there an edit I can make to a filter somewhere? Seems like a wee bug/oversight to me.

    The other thing I know has come up before many times but I could not get much useful info out of the topics. Ideally I’d want to be able to make it so no one can start a new topic on the readme forum but I don’t want to make the forum private or inaccessible to normal users. Is this possible with either of the private forums plugins yet? I can live with it if not but it’s a niggle.

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  • _ck_


    Depending on which version of bbpress you are using, the method to put “closed” and “sticky” onto topic titles has changed. The newest versions (trunk, not sure if it’s in yet) uses a new label method that in theory should be independent of the template.

    However older bbpress versions require the “sticky” label be detected and placed via the template (theme). If you edited your templates, you may have inadvertently removed the feature.

    Which bbpress version and theme are you using?

    Make sure you are using the very newest support forum plugin update, I think it’s up to 2.3.4 which deals with the new bbpress update.

    I downloaded the .zip from the download page yesterday and the support forum plugin version is the one you mentioned. Sorry I was in a rush yesterday, I’ve played with it a little more and now know what I did. I clicked the (to front) bit of the make sticky link. And this does exactly that and sticks the topic to the top of the discussions on the front page. I didn’t think it would hide the topic from the forum it belongs to, so I was a little confused.

    Thanks for your reply, and my apologies for not investigating further before posting here.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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