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Client-side Performance

  • One of bbPress’s focus is to be fast, but like a lot of framework, it seems to ignore the basics rules of good client-side performance. For instance, if you are logged-in and if you are on topic’s page, there are 7 external JS requests, all of them placed in the head. Page rendering is blocked until those JS files are fully loaded. Ideally, we should minimize the number of requests (concatenating all the JS files into 1) and put them at the bottom of the page before body.

    bbPress is also using two JS frameworks that has overlapping functionalities (Prototype and jQuery), ideally we should choose one and stick with it (preferably jQuery, imho). There are also some code that duplicate functionality that already exists in the JS framework, for instance: add-load-event.js.

    I realize this might be easier said than done, but I would like to know if this is at least being considered in the roadmap. If not, is there any suggestion before I hack the core? (I don’t think a plugin can do this?)



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  • _ck_


    You can disable all javascripts and things fallback to non-js mode (usually, except in 1.0 I think they broke some things, again)

    comment out this line like so in your header.php

    <?php // bb_enqueue_script('topic'); ?>

    Everything is being eventually moved to jquery like wordpress.

    Thanks, _ck_. Maybe instead of disabling javascript entirely, I can modify script_loader so it concatenates all JS files included in a page and write it into a file. The next time it’s called again, it would check if that file exists, if it does, just use it.



    It’s really not worth the effort and you shouldn’t hack the core.

    Just disable them entirely for the fastest possible page loads.

    There are plenty of other areas of bbPress you will need to spend that kind of valuable time on.

    John James Jacoby


    Yeah this has been on the roadmap since .7, and I’m willing to bet once the minor 1.0 tweaks are taken care of that attention will be paid towards getting the JS squared away.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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