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Clicking on a forum goes to Create new Topic

  • tiredofit


    I’ve dusted off an old site of mine – using buddypress.

    I have the Forums component setup as a seperate site in Multisite, and just went to go through to make sure all the features worked on this site.

    When I went to the forums site, I was presented with the Forum list as usual (I have created a Static page and use the shortcode to load the forums list). The forums themselves have topics inside of them, and I can view them seperately by visiting the backend and viewing the topic. When I click the seperate board links, it instead takes me to the Create New Topic section.

    What could be going wrong?

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  • Maybe a permalinks issue, try changing them to something else, hit save, change them back and save again.

    It could also be a plugin conflict or a theme issue, try disabling all your other plugins and switch the Twenty Fourteen theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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