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ck bbpress, show case and promotion

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    Oh and i just wanted to add on this ck thing. People dont’t donate things that easily, and many of us are searching for something for nothing, but you were obviously disheartened. I have run a mac support site in different form for years, using different forums and its been hacked (lost thousands of posts) derided and the donation button clicked once or twice, there are bigger, slicker better sites, but I like to think people still use my site because I don’t look down my nose at anyone and keep it simple.

    I would ask you from the heart, put your site back up and don’t give up…hey I don’t even know you but a little research tells me you have put alot in. You may think its time to cut your losses, on the other hand it might also be time to promote a clean simple forum.

    AND beleive me I dont see a lot of promotion going on outside of the circle. If everyone who uses bbpress had a blog and did an article “the best forum software” a little blurb and put bbpress at the top of a a list of 5 lets say bbpress vb, smf, phpbb and a.n.other board….instant promotion. People are setting up forums all the time but dont know which software to use. I found bbpress by accident and am using smf at present but transferring data as we speak….main problem right now is where are the themes?

    Why is this starting to remind me of XOOPS cms

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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