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Changing the default error page

  • pschena


    Super noobie to bbpress, and currently setting up an install for a client at:

    Got most things working to a point where I am semi happy with to start with, but having a couple of problems that need help with.

    1. When logging out of a topic or forum page, I get taken to a default page. Would like to get back to the forum landing page – any ideas how to do that?
    2. Same as point 1 when using Terms of Service plugin and tick box not ticked. Looks like all error pages use the same template – can this be changed?
    3. Client wants a private, locked down forum, and needs to ask more questions at registration time. Is it just a process of adding fields to the form and database? Which file should I be editing?

    These would set me well on the way to appeasing the client.

    Thanks in advance for any help!



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  • Sam Bauers


    The default error page is a sore spot in bbPress. It currently isn’t theme-able. That will change, but not until we get a bit further into 1.0 alpha development.

    Private forums are possible via a couple of plugins, take a look at the “Extend” area of this site.

    Adding extra profile info is pretty easy via a plugin if they are just simple text fields. You need to add the fields to the profile_info_keys. See get_profile_info_keys() function. Here is some example plugin code…

    function my_add_profile_info_keys( $keys )
    $keys['ice_cream'] = array( 1, 'Favourite ice cream' );
    return $keys;
    add_filter( 'get_profile_info_keys', 'my_add_profile_info_keys' );

    Adding checkboxes and dropdowns currently isn’t supported via the API.



    Thanks for the reply Sam.

    I managed to hack my way through /bb-images and /bb-admin to fashion a type of branded error page.

    Should get us out of trouble for now.

    Will have to fiddle a heap more to make the extra fields work though.

    Am I correct in understanding that your suggestion is to make a plugin for this?

    Haven’t done that before, can you recommend a place to look to learn this at all?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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