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changing hosts – need to reinstall bbPress?

  • I’ve set up and partly customised a bbPress forum on a subdomain that I’m using to demonstrate a uni faculty website I’m re-designing for a friend who is in charge of the faculty (in other words, I’m not a pro website designer – this is a job for a friend). The forum is linked to the website via a navigation button. When the website is finished and ready to go “live”, it will be transferred from my subdomain to the client’s server/host.

    1. a) Is it possible to retain the customisations I’ve done on the bbPress forum and transfer the forum over, along with the website, to the client’s server/host, or

    b) Will I need to completely reinstall bbPress to the client’s server/host and customise it again from scratch?

    2. If a) above, what do I need to change in the current bbPress settings (and where!) to have it operate from the client’s server/host please?



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  • chrishajer


    1a. Yes. Just download everything in the bbPress folder (whatever you called it) and then upload that to the new server. That takes care of the file system. Then dump the database and import that on the new host as well.

    1b. No, don’t start from scratch, that almost never helps. You can modify what you have going on already.

    2. Not sure. There are probably a couple URL related entries you’d have to change, either in bb-config.php or the database somewhere. Not sure what those are exactly, but I doubt it would be too bad.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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